The world of Shadows Lying is superficially similar to our own.  There are cars, and schools, and candlelight dinners, and the internet.  But in this world, creatures lurk in the shadows, where nobody is looking.

These Gloamchildren (as they are most frequently called) are cousins to humanity.  Thanks to their deep affinity for the Gloaming — the stark and gloomy twilight world that lies beyond the shadows — the Gloamchildren developed various abilities and powers that the humans (who preferred to walk in the sunlight) did not.

This has served them well, as the Gloamchildren have long been persecuted and very nearly hunted to extinction.  Whether through covetousness, xenophobia, or merely a thirst for bloodshed and a violent need to conquer, the humans gathered and began to hunt.  And what humans lacked in individual power, they more than made up for with numbers, aggression, deception, and technology.

The dark time when the Gloamchildren were hunted on a large scale is long past, having moved beyond recorded history into memory, and from the remnants of fading memory into myth.  Few now remember the truest stories of those that walk among the shadows.  Fewer still believe them.

But some that do remember and do believe are all the more fervent in their hatred and abhorrence of those they consider abominations, and in secret they continue the ancient pogrom…