No more fooling

I hid the April Fools comic (and the shadslymon art day) so as to have the most recent comic on the main page and not make people think I was serious about it being the end of Shadsly.  When I start updating the site again, they will make their reappearance.

I intend to go through and finish up all the older unshaded pages that I utterly failed to update while actually working on the story and pages that I need to redraw, before I start posting new pages again.  Which means I need to … actually get to working on them.

Anyway, I just thought the site had gone long enough without any updates.

No, it’s not really The End

If it weren’t clear (though I’ve mentioned it in the twitter feed), the comic posted on 4/1 was an April Fools joke.  However, it was a somewhat ill-timed one, considering that I’ve been making precisely zero progress on the comic recently, pretty much ever since I got sick.  I’m long since past my cold, but it completely destroyed my sense of momentum, and I’ve yet to recover it.

I will get back to Shadsly, hopefully soon, but as of right now I have no idea when. Maybe I will just pick up and wave my wacom stylus and a few hours later a page will magically appear (yeah, right).

If you read this comic and want to help … well, some nice positive comments won’t hurt.  I’ve no idea how many people, if any, were following this regularly (as opposed to when I reminded/nagged my friends and family to look at new pages).

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Pardon the Mess…

As mentioned on the Twitter feed, I am working on an updated theme for the site.  Expect things to look ugly for awhile.

Update: I’ve got the site in at least a nominally readable state for now, but I’m bouncing back and forth between several themes at the moment, so that could change when I work on it more.  Note that the archive links don’t actually work when the old theme is active (one reason I’m making a new one).

Update Update: Things seem to now be more or less working as they ought to. If you see anything that isn’t, let me know. (I know the new theme doesn’t look much different … it was less about changing the appearance of the site, and more about upgrading to new Comicpress features like the transcripts and archives. The comic is about 60 pixels wider now, though.)