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Technical difficulties

When I went to scan in some more artwork for comic #9, my scanner began making a hideous sound halfway through the preview, and the scan bar stopped moving. I believe the motor is no longer turning the gear that drives the mechanism. A cursory examination of the internals reveals no obvious repair that I can perform, so it looks like I’ll be needing a new scanner before I can proceed with new comics.

On the plus side, I was already eying large-format scanners, and mainly lacked only the money and the excuse to buy one. Well, one out of two ain’t bad…

And it’ll give me the opportunity to finish coloring the older comics, hopefully.


Now that Comicpress Manager has a version that supports WordPress 2.7, I’m going to endeavor to upgrade my installation.  So if things stop working, that’s why.

Updated: Upgrades appear to have been completed successfully.

By the way

Just in case you were wondering why I don’t post much here in the weblog section, the reason is because most of my update news is posted to the Shadsly twitter feed (also seen in the sidebar, in case you hadn’t noticed it). Anything beyond that which I might want to say is usually covered in the posts attached to each comic.

I imagine I’ll use this section more eventually, but for now those other things are sufficient.