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A Long time ago

About two years ago, I started this webcomic, intending to use it to help force myself to practice drawing more regularly.  (And I clearly need it.)

Unfortunately, this plan was somewhat crippled by the fact that my final semester of school took a lot more time than I’d hoped, and so did the coloring for the comic.  I also went through a rough patch that sapped my motivation and a protracted (but minor) illness that sapped my energy.

Combined with my dissatisfaction with the art quality, this meant that the comic never went beyond the four issues that are posted at the moment and some concept sketches.  When the site was hacked later on, thanks to the webcomic software I ran, I basically back-burnered the whole idea and let it simmer.

However, I’m now contemplating getting back to it.  Thus, you now see the new and improved (thanks to wordpress) Shadows Lying.

There are two comics that were drawn but never lettered or completely colored, and so were never posted.  Those will probably be the first things to go up after I get the site looking nicer and I have time to polish them off.  Only time will tell if I actually go beyond that or not, but for now, this is a much-needed alteration.

The Dying of the Light

Just a note: Shadows Lying is a bit on the (visually) dark side.  If it seems too dark to make out the pictures, you probably need to make sure that your monitor is calibrated, especially if it’s an LCD.

This page can help you calibrate a monitor with a few minutes of work (you can skip the theory page if you don’t care about that aspect).  Calibration mainly requires adjusting your contrast (to set the white point) and brightness (to set the black point) correctly, so it isn’t very difficult or involved.  (There are other things like Gamma that you can set, too.)


I think that the likely schedule for this comic is going to be as follows:

* A new comic posted as line art and dialogue at midnight Friday.  More if I have it done early, but don’t bet on it.

* A colored version, which may or may not be fully shaded, should replace that on the following Monday (it won’t get a new entry, it’ll just replace the previous artwork).

* The true complete (fully colored and shaded) version will replace the incomplete one whenever I get done with it.

* If I happen to get a comic colored before it is scheduled to go up as line art, I’ll go ahead and post it that way on Friday.

This is sort of a weird way of doing things, but I need to get my speed up before I can commit to doing everything all on the same day.  At the moment, the comic takes almost two days to draw, several hours to put in all the dialogue and balloons, and another day to color.  And by “day”, I don’t mean “a few spare minutes here and there”, I mean “approaching eight hours”.  Since I don’t have that much free time (or energy) all in one block, that means it takes around a week to do everything.

Also, I’m doing it this way because I’m mildly impatient to get things moving, and to get some of the premise of the comic out there so that people can actually get a bit of the setting (I’ve been sitting on some of this information for literally half of a decade, and nearly all of it for two solid years).  It doesn’t help that the next several comics are fairly heavy on the expository dialogue, and there’s not much that changes in the scene, so I’m mainly stuck with drawing the same thing from different angles to make it more interesting for both you and me.  Though there are a few opportunities to show something different.

I’m trying to do some concentrated art activities so that I build up a few comics to at least the “drawn” stage, so that may help.  I now have scripts out through #13 and plans for what I’m doing afterward that I just need to write up.  So it mostly remains that I need to draw them.

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