Shadows Lying is a webcomic dealing with the supernatural, though it’s not necessarily horror.

It is the story of Shadow Manning, a reasonably ordinary girl (or so she believes) who steps beyond the shadows in the corners of the world, and discovers much more than she believed possible.

Note: This comic should be considered PG-13 at minimum.  It is likely to contain violence and adult situations.  (Also some nudity, but I’m not a big supporter of the belief that the human body is especially shameful or that kids must be protected from the very possibility of seeing it exposed.)

Shadows Lying is written and copyrighted by Dyne.  Special thanks to Malevelyn for random ideas and criticism.

Note: Shadows Lying is a bit on the (visually) dark side. If it seems too dark to make out the pictures, you may need to make sure that your monitor is calibrated, especially if it’s an LCD flat panel.  (I wrote a weblog post about this previously, but to make sure that it gets seen more frequently, I’m putting it here, too. )

This page can help you calibrate a monitor in a few moments of work. Calibration mainly requires adjusting your contrast (to set the white point) and brightness (to set the black point) correctly, so it isn’t very difficult or involved. (There are other things like Gamma that you can set, too.)