Art Day: Gaxurea base

Art Day: Gaxurea base

Here’s another Art Day post.

This is the base model for Gaxurea, like Uri.  Right at the moment, it’s just a fairly ordinary bird.  Since the male and female Gaxurea look different, I built this model first, and when I’m happy with the rigging and such, I’ll modify the mesh to suit each sex.

I’ve also refined Shadow’s model since last week’s Art Day.  I’ll post that again when I get further along.  The previously posted version pretty much had a semi-realistic face with cel shading applied.  The face  was rebuilt and looks more stylized, more consistent with the drawn comics (for whatever that’s worth).  Character design wise, I’ve never been shooting for anime style in particular for Shadsly, but it seems to be what I gravitate toward, so I might as well just run with it.

She now also has hands, eyes, and ears, and I’ve improved the surfacing (it looks a more like today’s pic).

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