Art Day: Shadow Test

Art Day: Shadow Test

I think it’s fairly obvious that my last attempt to continue Shadsly did not go as planned (a combination of artistic frustration, frustration with Google’s apparent unwillingness to list the site, and general malaise).

Part of the problem with Shadsly up to this point is that I’ve never been fluent enough with drawing to do the thing in a timely fashion or with satisfying results.  I’m well aware that the only solution to that is practice, but my mental image far outstrips my actual ability to the point that it kills my motivation to do so.  I have to constantly fight to get something even vaguely close to satisfying, and it doesn’t help that I have to take shortcuts to get even that done on time (which is why those early comics still aren’t colored).

As such, whenever Shadsly returns (no promises when, but I’ve certainly not given up on it), it is likely to be done with a completely new process.

Since very early on I’ve debated turning Shadsly into a GMod comic, albeit one with mostly custom content, but there’re were a number of issues with that, including both process complexity and aesthetic concerns.   Still, the idea lurked in the back of my mind, and came out to dance on my skull whenever I got frustrated with drawing.

I have always considered myself to be a terrible character modeler … the picture of Tyron elsewhere in this gallery was probably the best thing I’ve done until recently.  Even that took ages and didn’t have a very good mesh flow.

However, I have been putting the downtime to good use, building up my skills and trying new things, and seem to have recently finally started to break through my character modeling “block”.  I have decided that if I go this route, I will skip GMod entirely, and just do the thing straight in my 3D app.  I would pretty much have to use the thing in any case to make stuff for GMod, and with my software I have far greater control and the ability to do comics on my decrepit laptop.  The price is less ability to use props from the Source Engine, of course, and more effort spent making backgrounds.

This picture, an (incomplete) test of a 3D model of Shadow, is part of that effort.  It’s not spectacular (and is already out of date), but it’s better than some of the cringe-worthy drawings that have ended up in the comic already.

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