022: Hunted

022: Hunted

Making friends quickly, isn’t she?

Story Notes: Not much to say here.  This page is pretty self-explanatory.  Shadow appears to be reasonably safe in here, but she is, of course, trapped.  I’ll leave translating the inscriptions as an exercise for the reader.

Art Notes: I wish every panel could turn out like panel 2.  All-in-all, though, the page turned out pretty well.  Had to redraw panel 5 a few times.  All of the blur effects on this page made my machines SLLLLOOOOWW.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
SFX (Shadow): Huff Huff
SFX (Creature): Grr
Grave: Requiesat in pace
Grave: Here Lies Incomprehensible Inscription

Panel 2
SFX (Creature): Snarl
Crypt: Sic Gorgiamos Allos Subjectatus Nunc
SFX (thunder): PHSH-BOOM!

Panel 3
SFX (Shadow): Ack! Huff huff huff
Crypt: In Hoc Salus

Panel 4
SFX (Shadow): Huff
Crypt: In Hoc Salus
SFX (Water): Splsplishsplishsplsplsplish

Panel 5
SFX (muffled creature): Growl
SFX (Shadow): Gasp Gasp
SFX (door): SLAM!

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