021: That Would Be Telling

021: That Would Be Telling

Jumping the wall was perhaps not Shadow’s brightest plan.

Title Reference: It’s a horrible punnish allusion to The Prisoner for no good reason.

Story Notes: Shadow’s Tell wasn’t really meant to be much of a surprise to anyone except Shadow (certainly not to most of my current readers, as many are aware of the origins of this motif).

The implication is that she only wears a glove on that arm because on some subconscious level she has always been aware of her nature, she just hadn’t understood it.   That’s why she took Tyron more or less at face value when she met him (after the initial shock), and why she put up only a token resistance to what he was saying.

This doesn’t mean she necessarily embraces this stuff, however.

Art Notes: I’m not overly happy with panels 1 and 4, but the rest of it works pretty well, I think.  Especially the coloring on panels 2 and 3.

It’s hard to see, but in panel 1, Shadow is holding the pepperspray I mentioned last page.

Oh, and if you wondered why there’s sometimes no rain, and sometimes lots, the storm varies its intensity every so often throughout this whole scene.  There probably shouldn’t also be mist at the same time, but hey, artistic license.  It makes the backgrounds less flat.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Shadow: Hello...?
Shadow: Hmm.
Shadow: "Nobody here but us dead people. Oh, and your fellow Creatures of the NIGHT."

Panel 2
Shadow: OW!

Panel 3

Panel 4
Shadow: What.
Shadow: the.
Shadow: HELL?!
Shadow: Oh god, my arm ... it's ...
Tyron (memory): A TELL. A mark that indicates you are Dahaka.

Panel 5
Shadow: It's ... withering.
Tyron (memory): Your tell has not yet manifested. It will.
Shadow: Is THIS what Tyron meant?
SFX (steam): Fssh
SFX (withering): Crinkle Crinkle

Panel 6
SFX (creature 2): Snarl
SFX (creature 3): Hisss
Shadow: Uh-oh...

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