020: The End

020: The End

That was … unexpected

Title Reference: Because it’s the end, duh.

Art Notes: That taxed my skills. I’m tired of drawing, forever. I’m going to go take a week long nap now. Then I will start a new comic next week, titled Goth Girls Are Awesome. It will be updated once every seven months.

Story Notes: No more story. That’s the end of Shadsly.  Really.  No, really.  OK, maybe. I’m an artist, I’m a flake by nature.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Shadow: Tyron, this story is taking too long! The artist is slow! It's ridiculous!

Tyron: Very well, Shadow. To solve this problem, you must meet the LEADER of the Gloamchildren.

Panel 2
Leader: Hello, Shadow! I am a magical flying unicorn pony! Let's be friends!

Panel 3
Caption: The End!


  1. Jack Talon says:

    This must really be the end. 😮