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No, it’s not really The End

If it weren’t clear (though I’ve mentioned it in the twitter feed), the comic posted on 4/1 was an April Fools joke.  However, it was a somewhat ill-timed one, considering that I’ve been making precisely zero progress on the comic recently, pretty much ever since I got sick.  I’m long since past my cold, but it completely destroyed my sense of momentum, and I’ve yet to recover it.

I will get back to Shadsly, hopefully soon, but as of right now I have no idea when. Maybe I will just pick up and wave my wacom stylus and a few hours later a page will magically appear (yeah, right).

If you read this comic and want to help … well, some nice positive comments won’t hurt.  I’ve no idea how many people, if any, were following this regularly (as opposed to when I reminded/nagged my friends and family to look at new pages).

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