018: Broken Dolls, Part 5

018: Broken Dolls, Part 5

What are little girls made of?
Shadows and Lives,
and long, gleaming Knives.
That’s what little girls are made of.

Art Notes: I think this page turned out pretty well. It also went quickly, which is a very nice change of pace.

Sean’s canines looked a bit too vampiric when I first drew them, though.  Not sure how well I fixed that.

For the record, this girl is not a ghost. The place where her face should be is simply … empty. I don’t mean featureless skin. I mean empty.

I could have drawn it as blackness, but that would make the panel a bit too dark (black background + black hair + black facial area = nearly invisible character), and it’d look a bit too much like I was simply hiding her face in shadows. Any color I might pick would be misleading, anyway; I’m trying to depict something that intrinsically would make no sense to our minds: a complete absence of anything, including a nameable color.   Most likely, I’ll be drawing her in various ways as befits the scene.

Also, she doesn’t actually glow.  The glow is simply backlighting from the equipment (less pronounced than on the previous page, since she’s standing up), and more importantly, a way to help distinguish her from the environment a bit.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Girl: Oh dear ... she is ... broken ... now.

Panel 2
Girl: Do you ... want ... to play your ... game ... with me instead ... Mister?

Panel 3
Sean (angry): Who ARE you?!
Sean: How do you kn... How did you get IN here?

Panel 4
Sean: ANSWER me, you little-

Panel 5
Sean: ... bitch?

Panel 6-7


  1. Jack Talon says:

    Sean needs to get some work done on his teefers. 😮