016: Broken Dolls, Part 3

016: Broken Dolls, Part 3

Sean, either Compu Corp has extremely sub-standard wiring, or you should start worrying now.

Art Notes: In reality, the lights in the room would most likely not form a circular pattern. Such is artistic license.

The WHIRRR in the last two panels is not a new sound, it’s just the same background noise from the previous page.  It really exists in every frame of this scene, but sometimes Sean isn’t as aware of it.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
SFX (Lights turning off): CLACK

Panel 2
SFX (Lights turning off): CLACK
Sean: What the hell?!

Panel 3
SFX (Echo of last lights turning off): CLACK-ACK-ack-ck
Sean: Is someone there?

Panel 4-5
Sign: EXIT
SFX (sign going out): Bzzzzzzzzzfzzt fzt

Panel 6-7
SFX (ongoing ambient noise): WHIRRRRRRRRRRR

Panel 7
Faint voice (plaintive): Help me
Sean: GASP

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Discussion (2)¬

  1. Jack Talon says:

    Clack, clack, What the Hell?
    Clack ack ack! Is someone there?
    Bzzzt fzt fzt, exit exit!
    Whhrrrrr! HELP ME!…..Gasp…

  2. Dyne says:

    Indeed. (For anyone reading this who doesn’t get Jack’s comment, he was singing the text on the page when he first read it. I was there.)