006: Untitled

006: Untitled

“Why the pleasure is all mine, Mr. Finger-Spider Leg-Head guy! Would you care for some tea?  Scones?  The other 80% of your body?”

Finally I can say “Urdereg” around here. Though it’s kind of a weird word, so maybe I shouldn’t.

While I don’t intend for this to be a comedy series, sometimes my sense of humor forces its way into the story, such as Shadow’s reaction to Tyron.

The drawings here came out a bit better than the last two or three comics, I think.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Tyron: Shadow ... wake up ...

Panel 2
Shadow: Oh man ... what a weird dream!

Panel 4
Tyron: ...

Panel 5

Panel 6
SFX (Shadow): Inhale!
Tyron: Please, I beg you! Don't draw any more attention to us!

Panel 7
SFX (Shadow): Blink Blink
Shadow: Who ... What ... uh ... WHAT?
Tyron: Ah, perhaps I should introduce myself.

Panel 8
Tyron: My name is Tyron. I am your Urdereg. I've been searching for you, Shadow.


  1. Jack Talon says:

    Creepy many legged head dude. D: