005: Tyron

005: Tyron

Well, that’s two things you certainly do not see every day.

It’s that guy from page 1 (with the glowy forehead)!

… Just take my word for it, OK?

Poor Shadow.  I think the shock was just too much for her so soon after her confrontation with Escutcheon & Co.

Title Reference: It’s this guy’s name.  For the record, the bird’s name  is Uri.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Uri: Shadow ... find ...

Panel 2
Shadow: I- It has no head?!

Panel 3
Uri: Quork?

Panel 4
Shadow: Oh! Um, excuse me, Mister. Do you see that freaky headless bird? I must be losing ...

Panel 5
SFX (footsteps): Tip tap tap tip
Shadow: ... my mind?

Panel 6
SFX (Shadow): THUMP

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