003: Blaze

003: Blaze

Mr. Guy was so startled by the heavily armed gang nearly running out in front of his car that he lost his shape and color.  Tragic.

This page has my favorite lighting/coloring of the early comics.  Lightning!  Puddles!  Backlighting from outside the alley!  Rain!  Panels 7 and 8 in general, thanks to the HAAAAAADDDDOOOUKEN!!!  The Kirby Dots were also fun.

If it weren’t clear, Shadow’s left (gloved) arm suddenly hurt her, thus her badly-muffled cry and Escutcheon concluding that that’s where she was hiding.  Also, the fancy font in panel 7 is chanting, in this case performed by one of the trio.

Title Reference: Blaze is a song from the Vision of Escaflowne soundtrack (#3).  It sort of sets the mood for the last bit of this scene.  Epistle (same album) and Black Escaflowne (from the movie) are also good, though a bit premature for this point in the story.

↓ Transcript
Panel 2
SFX: Splash!

Panel 3
Pursuer 1: There!
Pursuer 2: Damn! Move!
Pursuer 3: She's heading for the alleys!

Panel 4
Escustcheon: Hmm
Shadow: Gasp

Panel 5

Panel 6
Shadow: Urk!

Panel 7
Pursuer: Gotcha!
Shadow: NO!
Pursuer (chanting): Suffer not an unclean thing to walk among you. Abhor that which thou... WEH?

Panel 8
Eucharist: Escutcheon, report. REPORT!

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