002: Dying Of The Light

002: Dying Of The Light

Must be an electric gate.  To keep the herd (flock?  shamble?) of zombies in, no doubt.

In this installment, Shadow is out walking and finds herself drawn to this particular place yet again.    However, she did not expect to have company.

Title Reference: “Do not go gentle into that good night.  Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” – A poem by Dylan Thomas.  The night in question is Death.  However, one wonders whether the poem would have the same meaning for Shadow.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Caption: Shadow Manning
Caption: An ordinary girl out for a walk.
SFX (footsteps): Tap Tap Tap
Caption: Or so she believes

Panel 2
Shadow (thinking): Here? ...Again?

Panel 3
Caption: But unseen forces are drawing near...
Sign: Shadows Lying

Panel 4
Shadow (thinking): Why do I keep coming here?

Panel 5
Caption: preparing to make...

Panel 6
Caption: CONTACT!
SFX (spark): ZZAK!
Shadow: Ow!

Panel 7
Shadowed Figure: That's her.
Escutcheon: Escutcheon to Eucharist. Target confirmed.
Eucharist (radio): Proceed, Escutcheon.

Panel 8
SFX (sword): SHNNNG!
SFX (gun): KA-CHIK!
Shadow: Wha-?

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